Menu Available Thursday to Saturday from 11am

In addition to the Goodness Friday Meal subscription, Setondji and Sunshine Family Kitchen is creating a Menu , serving homemade and handcrafted dishes from the Tea room’s Kitchen, at the Gower Heritage centre. 

Using a majority of locally grown ingredients from our Gower and Swansea based farms and CSAs(Community Supported Agriculture).

We will be offering Monthly cooking demos from the tea room’s Showcase area.
Become a Member of Sunshine Family Kitchen provides you with up to 30 % discount on meals. 

The membership to SFK also gives you access to the Gower Heritage centre’s premises for you and/or your family to enjoy during the opening hours.

Individual membership : £16  

Family membership : £27  (up to 3 people) £33 (up to 5 people).

*All Memberships are valid for a 6 months Period.

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