Photography Classes

Our sessions can be tailored to suit your needs, even if you are a pro or advanced photographer, you can still benefit from our local knowledge and you can also request a location preference beyond the Gower Peninsula, such as Waterfall Country in the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire or the fantastic Heritage coast. If you click through our galleries and see a particular location you would like to visit you can add it to the cart for tuition at that place. We have 20 years experience photographing the most picturesque Welsh landscapes and depending on your requirements we can provide you with invaluable tips, instruction and feedback to help improve your photography.

If you are a beginner the best way to learn anything is 1-2-1 tuition. Following a session with us you will move forward with the skills to capture (and sell) your own stunning fine art landscape photographs. A lot also depends on your photographic eye and your editing but to realise your vision and your artistic goal, you must first understand the camera and the environment where you use it. Once you know the technical side of photography you will have the confidence to go anywhere and capture a great shot.

Key Features

Throughout the tuition you will receive instruction and learn to develop the following techniques:

* Manual settings
* Using filters (Grad Filters, ND Filters and Polarisers)
* Understanding exposure
* Mastering composition
* Working with natural light
* Night photography, shooting the Milky Way
* Long exposure
* Bracketing
* DIY Sensor cleaning
* Links to the apps you need to plan your shoot and stay safe
* Editing tips and the one ‘essential’ thing you need to know about working with colour
* Advice on free and easy ways to sell your photos online

We also cover advice on safety for you and your equipment during a shoot. This important subject is something often overlooked but there are many practical things to consider whilst photographing on location and they can make a big difference to your photography. The Gower Peninsula has the second highest tides in the world, twice a day the sea can rise and fall over 40 feet, therefore it is vital to plan your journeys along this coastline very carefully. Much of our work includes location scouting for the film industry in places as far away and remote as Iceland but as brutal as it is there, it is potentially more dangerous to take photographs along the Welsh coastline. Many of the most scenic places are only accessible at certain times, therefore planning and knowing where you can and can’t go are essential. Over 20 years, our knowledge of this unique area, it’s locations (and its hazards) is exceptional.

The tuition will start mid afternoon, lasting over approximately 3-4 hours and during a typical session we would end the day with a sunset shoot. Tuition is informal and friendly; we will help you develop your technique, paying particular emphasis to composition, working with light and mastering filters (a set of Filters will be available for your use throughout the session if required).

If you are travelling from further afield and wish to stay overnight, we can recommend accommodation in Mumbles and collect/drop you off, so you will not need to bring your car on the 1-2-1 day. If you are traveling by bus/train we can also collect and return you to Swansea station.

What you need to bring: A DSLR or any camera with manual settings, a wide lens and if possible a telephoto lens. The following items are essential but we can supply them on loan: Tripod, Memory Card, Filter holder, ND/Grad filters, Polarising filter and a Cable release. You will also need sensible, preferably weatherproof clothing and good boots. There are more items you will need to consider every time you go out on a shoot, but these will be covered and explained during the session.

Cost: £95 each, per session
Max Group Number: 3
Price includes: 1-2-1 tuition, transport between locations, use of filter kit and tripod if required
Duration: 3-4 Hours

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