Gower Arts Centre

Community Art Projects - The Process

Group sessions are conducted with the children to discuss the project brief and to capture their thoughts and ideas. This Collaboration and brain storming session helps to engage the children, draw on their own experiences and imagination as inspiration.

Once the ideas are collated, a portfolio of images is developed which aids the children in drawing their own single illustrations. These hand drawn single illustrations are created with a number of mixed media art materials such as watercolour, chalk, pastels, pen, ink, pencils and acrylic paint and then scanned in preparation for digital composition.

The individual scanned pieces of artwork are then imported into a multi-layered Photoshop document and composed into the final mural closely supervised by Katie. The completed mural can be printed onto any surface (maximum 8ft x 4ft) e.g. aluminium board for outdoor display or Foamex / fabric for indoor display. The image can also be printed onto a range of merchandise such as cards, mugs, tea towels etc which may help to raise future funds for further projects as appropriate. 

A recent project conducted locally, proved to be a huge success both in the finished product and more importantly with the children, who have been involved at the planning stage gave them a meaningful voice in the content and style of the artwork. The fact that the project was based on their own ideas bought a further level of understanding and ownership of the process which has provided them with valuable and transferable skills for the future. The project was an ideal vehicle to develop elements of the new curriculum and resulted in an enriching and meaningful experience for all involved.

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