A Taste of Times Past

Step back in to a more relaxed time when traditional country skills were part of everyday life. Join us at the Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill, Gower for a true artisan experience with a Taste of Times Past.

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Flavours from Italy

Mediterranean food is considered to be the healthiest in the World. Perfect Pasta, Sensational Salads, or a Magnificent ‘Mpanate [ a savoury “pie” from Sicily], and get a Passion for Pizza!

So why not come and have a go at making a range of dishes for yourself!

What you will need to bring:

– Apron

– 2 Baking Trays

– 2 Containers

– Tea Towel

For the Salad & Pasta

We’ll supply the rest!

Gower Vintage High Teas

Step back in time to a gentler age, and the classic Gower vintage tea. Enjoy the fine china, home baked treats, hand-churned butter and tasty savouries that formed the traditional high tea. Pick between Under Mill Wood or a MysTEAry Afternoon!

Traditional Bread Making

There is nothing as delicious as the distinctive scent of home made bread baking and cooling in your kitchen. Join us at the Mill to try your hand at milling before making  an Artisan Loaf. 

Gift Vouchers Available

The perfect gift for a food lover!

Vouchers available for: Home Front, High Tea and Traditional Bread Making

Feast & Flavour

Feast and Flavour, join us and explore the dramatic dishes from cultures and countries that linked the spices of North Africa and beyond with the lush fruits and vegetables of Southern Europe.

Blas Y Gwyr - A Taste of Gower

Wales is an ancient land, full of traditions and the food of feasting. Join us to explore the ‘Mabsant’ dishes of Gower celebrating the Saints and seasons of old Gower.

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