Life on the Farm

Our newest residents, 4 pedigree Ryeland sheep, have settled in well and are flourishing in their new role here at the farm. They do a great job of keeping the grass trim between the panels at our solar farm. A fantastic cute, cuddly and environmentally friendly alternative to modern methods.

It is a full-time job for the sheep, and we will soon be increasing our flock to ensure the solar park will be fully maintained in an environmentally positive way.

Meanwhile at the bottom end of the farm we have been working hard, practicing rotational grazing techniques as a zero-impact way of regenerating the land.

We use our rare breed Jacob and Herdwick sheep to clear most of the overgrowth and unwanted vegetation. These fantastic sheep are working in tandem with our ancient breed pigs, who then forage and turn over the ground. creating nutrient rich pasture ready for re seeding.

We have had fantastic success so far, and aim to continue using our carbon positive, zero impact, traditional farming techniques to regenerate, maintain and manage the natural grazing and woodlands, just as our Iron age ancestors would.

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