Summer at the Gower Unearthed Roundhouse

Gower Unearthed is passionate about Heritage and outdoor learning we believe that our local heritage is an integral part of our rural community and education.

Health and well-being are a key focus and as we explore the past we reconnect with our landscape, our sense of place and what defines us as individuals with a place in society. By finding a sense of place and tuning in to the subtitles of the natural world, we can work to create harmony in our lives and improve our mental health. We believe that this is a gift and intrinsic to life. Over time humanity has become increasingly disconnected from what really matters.With our project we want to create a legacy for Gower that has its community and education at its heart. We will  offer a wide range of Heritage skills and are developing our Parkmill site as a base for experimental archaeology and conservation and importantly for the local community to access skills and practical and fun educational experiences.

Working with schools , colleges and post graduates we will offer training through our ‘youth eco club’ and will study the power of story and the narrative of the past that defines Welsh culture -encouraging young people to take control and define  its future narrative by having a voice.

There is an exciting programme of activities working with highly skilled professionals, we  invite you to ‘step back’ into different periods of history-specialist days, packed with activity.

We will explore our physical environment, the natural world in accordance with the Celtic calendar and there will be a wide range of guided walks exploring the history of Gower as a whole. The story of Gower is intrinsically linked to its natural diversity and its special community- the key things that define its future.

This Summer

Summer has brought warmth and a return to restricted conviviality. The sun has turned the thatch on our roundhouse to silver and a wren built a nest in the peaceful eves. The quiet time proved to be productive but we have been delighted to welcome participants back to our project. Close to the river, and water meadow the calmness of our site is beguiling, magical. We felt there was a need for a little’ magic sharing’ and immersion in the natural world. We realised we could do this by compiling activities that focused on Gower folklore, and natural history, history and Bushcraft.

Taking action we gathered up stories, prepared our cauldron and PUT IT OUT THERE, we sold out in the first hour! fairies and the Neolithic are hot! We joined up with our good friends Dryad Bushcraft and designed our activities for families.

With our site boasting a new wall and shelter we had a chance to show off to lots of new people and share our enthusiasm for our project and our sessions have been a joy for us with wonderful feedback.

Follow our summer story as we reflect on our sessions with some of our participants.


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