That’ll be ‘ewe keeping the grass shorn

This month we welcomed the arrival of four pedigree Ryeland sheep to Killan Fach Farm. They are already earning their keep by cutting down the grass in the solar park,  keeping the property maintained. Enabling us to move forward with our biodiversity plans to create a multi-purpose use for the plot of land with both economic and ecological benefits.

We’re hoping these sheep will find the grass tastier than the cables as they take shade from the sun under the panels. They will find plenty of woody weeds to munch on. This will help to prevent the vines from wrapping in and around the panels and causing damage to wires and shading the panels!

The addition of the Ryelands brings our flock count up to 20. They include a mixture of Jacobs, Hardwicks and Balwens. All who are performing ground clearing duties such as removing the weeds and undergrowth between the Christmas Tree planted throughout the rest of Killan Fach Farm site. We anticipate it will take them up to two years of continuous grazing to clear the site.

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